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Direct Investment. Reinvented.

Bramerton Holdings is an investment company focusing on a range of sectors including life sciences, financial services and technology. We provide innovative growth funding solutions to publicly listed and private companies. With our extensive industry knowledge and experience we pride ourselves in creating win-win-win partnerships between our alternative funding sources, including family office co-investors, and investee companies we believe in.



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VeenaNxt™ is a low cost rapid accurate nucleic acid 2019-NCOV test


VeenaNxt™ is the only nucleic acid based test providing a high level of accuracy for the asymptomatic with the cost and simplicity of rapid test 

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Bramerton Holdings is a wholly own subsidiary of Riverfort Global Capital. For more information about Riverfort please visit:

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With offices in London and New York, Bramerton Holdings has a multi-sector and global orientation.


Please contact us if believe you have an investment project that may be
suitable for our fund capital and co-investor community.

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